Saturday, 31 March 2007

The seven myths of being a travel writer

By Tim Leffel

A few weeks ago I received an interesting piece of mail. It said, “Launch your dream career as a travel writer today and get paid to travel the world.” All I had to do was sign up for an expensive correspondence course on travel writing. After that I could expect such rewards as “a complimentary week on an exotic Asian island” or a luxury vacation in Cancun “with airfare and all expenses paid.” The breathless come-on letter asked, “Why not live on permanent vacation?”

Why not indeed? Get paid to travel the world and live a life of leisure. What could be more glamorous?

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Vanuatu: Iririki Celebrates 21st with New Development

Happy 21st Iririki

"Opened 21 years ago, the resort and spa complex has wooed both newlyweds and the newly retired in their quest for the ‘perfect tropical island getaway’. During that time the country has had more than it’s fair share of rough weather, including airline collapses, reschedules, consular warnings and cyclones. Coincidently, tropical storm Becky is on her way over now. The resort has, astonishingly, continued throughout this turbulence and is now entering a new phase of its life."

GTWer, Roderick Eime, was there for the celebrations.

Talk Talk Talk

Qantas passengers will be familiar with the expert commentary from GTW member, Glenn A Baker, aboard Qantas domestic and international flights with Reelin' in the Years.

However Glenn was joined on Q Radio recently by fellow GTW members Sally Hammond and Roderick Eime as they discussed their recent travel adventures with Julie McCrossan on Up and Away.

Sally discussed her latest book, Just a Little Italian, and the tribulations of touring Southern Italy, while Rod raved about his latest adventures on expedition cruise ships. [MP3]

New Adventure Cruise Ship for Whitsundays

It's no secret, the adventure/expedition cruise market is growing like no other.

Travellers are attracted to this intimate style of cruising and the unusual destinations on offer.

MV Ammari was recently launched in the Whitsundays by Fantasea Cruises Pty Ltd

GTW member, Roderick Eime, attended the launch.

Launch of New Luxury Cruise Vessel Covered

Costa Concordia, siste ship to Costa Serena
GTW member, Roderick Eime, will be jetting to Rome for the launch of the new 112,000 tonne luxury Italian cruise liner, Costa Serena.

"This ship is a whole lot bigger than anything I've ever sailed on," says Rod, who rarely gets aboard anything over 10k, "it'll certainly be a new experience for me."

How will Rod cope in the mill as over 2000 passengers clamber aboard? Editorial will be available in early June 2007.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Escape from the Clutches of Becky

Air VanuatuPhew! Flew out of Vanuatu on Wednesday as the island was swept with Tropical Storm Becky. It was very interesting to see the whole town batten down in preparation in case she developed into a full blown (excuse pun) cyclone.

Pic shows late arriving flight from AKL in the wet