Monday, 17 March 2008

Destination Focus: WILDLIFE OF THE WORLD

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Help us train indigenous wildlife guides in camera skills - see Blog for details

This month's Destination Focus:
Wildlife of the World

  • Tricia Welsh goes on a "Bush Skills" adventure in South Africa's Phinda Private Game Reserve;
  • Thomas E King turns a lens on the treasures of Wild India, from the Asiatic lions of Sasan Gir to the white tigers of Rewa;
  • Sheriden Rhodes find that the Plains of Kenya are an ideal hunting ground for those who want to shoot with a camera rather than a gun
  • Philip Game goes in search of the rare (and maybe extinct) Tasmanian Tiger, in Tasmania's Tarkine
  • Karen Halabi finds some of the world's cutest and most bizarre creatures among the Wild Australians;
  • Roderick Eime explores the world of The last Mahouts, Thailand's traditional elephant handlers;
  • John Borthwick finds a little piece of the African savanna on Calauit Island, in the Philippines;
  • Glenn A Baker goes in search of sea turtles on Turtle Island - the island of Pulau Selingaan, in the Sulu Sea off Malaysian Borneo; and
  • Graham Simmons goes looking for the bizarre Proboscis Monkey along Sabah's Kinabatangan River.

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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Help us train indigenous wildlife guides in camera skills

Help needed to train indigenous wildlife guides in camera skills

The idea for this project came about through meetings with two extraordinary wildlife guides. One is a Zambian who has been a national park wildlife guide for about 25 years, but has only just invested in a camera. His knowledge of wildlife is unparalleled, but he needs help to get his photography skills up to speed.

The other is from Sabah. He is already an accomplished wildlife photographer, but wants to make the switch to digital.

Many of you may know other indigenous would-be-photographers who could benefit from assistance.

Are there any good photographers out there who would be willing to donate a day or two of their time while travelling? One idea that was mooted was to produce a coffee-table book, with a title something like "Wildlife through the eyes of the experts", which could generate funds to expand the project.

Any ideas or advice would be most gratefully received.

Friday, 14 March 2008

You may now float about the cabin... |

'SPACE: The final frontier, to seek out new life and civilisations." So said Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise as he surveyed the expanding cosmos.

But exploration, discovery and adventure are not the sole domain of science fiction: they have always been defining elements of the human psyche.

Once mankind satisfied the lesser, more fundamental requirements such as food, shelter and community, we looked beyond the horizon and wondered, "What if?"

Sunday, 9 March 2008


Travel is a means of getting rid of your excess baggage

Thus began the first Global Travel Writers website, launched in 2000. Today, the quote is truer than ever, except that the travel industry has now become so organised as to minimise the chance of a traveller's preconceptions being thoroughly and therapeutically shattered.

We aim to bypass this blinkered mindset. The stories on our website aim to bring travellers and locals closer together. Travellers may well find the lens being turned upon themselves.

For TRAVEL EDITORS, the Global Travel Writers team of highly-experienced travel journalists, writers and photographers can deliver professional, up-to-date copy to your specifications. Just search our site for what you need - and if it's not there, please contact us!