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Journeys - April 2009

Global Travel Writers
GTWApril 2009 - There's no financial crisis in the Jungle
No doubt about; many people are really hurting in the current financial situation. Maybe it's time to get back to basics - to the jungle or the bush or the hinterland - where life proceeds at a more orderly pace, and the world of derivatives and money manipulations seems very far away.

-= J O U R N E Y S =-

Cook Islands : E Coast Malaysia: KwaZulu-Natal : Mauritius : Assam: Falklands: Shetlands

The Needle, RarotongaCrossing the island of Rarotonga: Fiona Harper reports that all is well in the Cook Islands, a little outpost of Polynesia far off the money-market radar screen.

The GTW Team

Fiona Harper

Glenn A. Baker

Graham Simmons

Karen Halabi

Philip Game

Sally Hammond

Sheriden Rhodes

Thomas E. King

Tricia Welsh

Motto of the month:

Travel is a way of getting rid of your excess baggage.
Dabong Station , of Malaysia's East Coast railway
Jungle Train: To travel on Malaysia's East Coast Railway is more important than to arrive, as Philip Game learns the hard way.
Lions at Phinda Game ReservePhinda Bush Skills Adventure: Tricia Welsh finds that an innovative four-day bush skills adventure on Phinda Private Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) is a real exercise in getting back to basics.

 Mauritian beachscape
Delicious Mauritius: Thomas E. King goes island hopping through the land of the (extinct) dodo and the (lively) sega and finds that culturally diverse Mauritius offers stunning scenery, great golf, fascinating history and splendid spas where the emphasis is on total relaxation.
Treehouse in Hawnge National Park
Africa in widescreen: Karen Halabi recommends escaping the economic crisis in a country that doesn't even have an economy - in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park.
Brahmaputra River
Exploring Assam:
Graham Simmons goes exploring the remote Indian state of Assam, finding that it provides much more than just tea and syncopy.
Hainan Island, China
Hawaii of the Orient:
Sheriden Rhodes finds escape on China's Hainan Island, which surprisingly offers white sandy beaches, warm languid waters and tall swaying coconut trees... an anomaly in this fast-moving nation.
Penguins of the Falklands
Far-flung to the Falklands:
Glenn A Baker visits the Falkland Islands, a country at the very bottom of the world financial ladder.
Stornoway, Shetlands
Castaway Islands:
Sally Hammond checks out another outpost - Scotland's Shetland Islands, where the islanders regard themselves as more Scandinavian than Scottish.
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