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Journeys - June 2008

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The award-winning Global Travel Writers team bring you their latest offerings for June 2008

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Think outside the square. GTWers have decades of experience covering such diverse subjects as music, culture, cuisine, lifestyle, technology, aviation, sport and tourism business. [see themes]

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Russia : Wyoming : Cook Islands
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Philip Game notices all across Eastern Europe, crowded high-rise housing contrasts with unspoilt forests, fields and villages, the more so in the largest single country on earth; the Russian Federation. Little wonder Russians share the pan-European aspiration for a house in the country. [more]


Going Green

Everyone's talking green travel, carbon footprints and offsetting emissions. What does it all mean? How do you tell real green from 'greenwash'? Let the GTW team offer your readers a range of truly sustainable travel options. Help them make informed and intelligent decisions next time they travel. It a wonderful planet - and it's all we have.

The GTW Team:

Glenn A Baker
Graham Simmons
John Borthwick
Karen Halabi
Philip Game
Roderick Eime
Sally Hammond
Sheriden Rhodes
Thomas E King
Tricia Welsh

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John Borthwick finds, in Wyoming, the ghosts wear cowboy boots. At night you might hear one creaking down the wooden halls of the old Irma Hotel in Cody. You leap from your room, hoping to glimpse a spectral gunslinger, but there’s no one there. [more]

estoniaGraham Simmons visits three islands scattered across the globe and finds these remote lands linked by a mysterious commonality. Discover the intriguing connection between India, Polynesia and Estonia. Can you guess? [more]
Roderick Eime, father of two active kids, racks his brain for things to keep them amused. From theme parks to scuba diving to go-kart racing and even snakes and lizards, holidaying with children can be a both a challenge and a reward. [more]
gravetyeSally Hammond says Gravetye Manor (it isn't even pronounced as you would expect – it's Grave Tie) is deliciously off the map, a flowery hidden estate. But of course, when a place has been around for 500 years you do expect people to have learnt your location. [more]
cook islandsThomas E King says words can not properly describe and photographs can not adequately capture the breathtaking beauty of Aitutaki. Located less than an hour’s flight - 215 km north of Rarotonga - Aitutaki is the second most visited isle in the seductive Cook Islands. [more]
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