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New or Re-emerging Nations

Global Travel Writers
GTW-This month, the Global Travel Writers team takes your readers to some countries just now emerging from years of war, dictatorship, foreign occupation and/or civil strife.
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Newly re-emerging Nations

Thomas E. King visits Vilnius, capital of Lithuania and European Capital of Culture 2009, and finds a stylsh city with a baroque heart trimmed with amber. The intrepid sportsman also roams around a host of new and exciting golf links of Lithuania.

The GTW Team

Fiona Harper

Glenn A. Baker

Graham Simmons

Karen Halabi

Paul Dymond

Philip Game

Sally Hammond

Sheriden Rhodes

Thomas E. King

Tricia Welsh

Brazil gets the Games!

After years of oppressive government, Brazil has bounced back under President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. One of the rewards will be Rio de Janeiro's staging of the 2016 Olympics. Check out this video of Rio's preparations for the Games .

Sheriden Rhodes follows the glitterati and movie celebrities to the beaches of new global hotspots Croatia and Monetenegro
Fatucama Beach, East Timor East Timor is not exactly super-ripe for tourism, says Philip Game , but the friendliness of the people helps to overcome any hardships of travel.

Vanuatu Cruising Fiona Harper follows in the wake of James A Michener, finding the cruising ground of her teenage dreams in Vanuatu.

Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh
As Cambodia emerges from three decades of horror, Sisowath Quay in the capital Phnom Penh is emerging as one of the world's great promenades, reports Graham Simmons.
Cuban cigar aficionado
With ex-President Fidel Castro's health failing and President Raul Castro now turned 78, "now is the time to visit Cuba -- and soon!" says Tricia Welsh
Shetlands As Scotland gets its first Parliament in 300 years,Sally Hammond visits The Shetland Islands , which consider themselves more Norwegian than Scottish.
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