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Journeys - August 2009

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Thailand spends a huge amount on tourism promotion. But it's money well spent, as the diversity of Thai attractions staggers even the most jaded visitor. The Global Travel Writers team specialises in Thailand coverage - and for your other travel editorial needs, search our database now!


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Glenn A. Baker

Graham Simmons

Karen Halabi

Philip Game

Sally Hammond

Sheriden Rhodes

Thomas E. King

Tricia Welsh

Motto of the month:

"Goodness is something that makes us serene and content" - King Bhumipol Adulyadej of Thailand

Thai elephant Karen Halabi reports on a diminuitive Thai woman known as Lek ("Tiny"), who has done more than just about anyone else to help the predicament of elephants.
Thai elephant
There is no elegant way to climb up onto an elephant. Tricia Welsh learns this very quickly at a Mahouts' Course in northern Thailand.
Pai, Thailand Thomas E King visits Pai , west of Chiang Mai, now a niche destination with hill tribes, hot springs, elephant trekking and sophisticated boutique accommodation
From the industrial chic of Indigo Pearl, to the barefoot charm of the luxurious Trisara, Sheriden Rhodes seeks out the most stylish new Hip Thai Resorts
Thai trains
Tracks across the Kingdom: Philip Game reports that the State Railway of Thailand has now reached across the Mekong with a new international line to the Lao capital, Vientiane.
New Views from Koh Samui: Graham Simmons looks at the work of the Koh Samui Tourist Police, and asks whether visitors need lessons in the art of being good guests.
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