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Journeys - September 2008

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Vodacom Africa

Graham Simmons looks at the microcredit-led "giant leap foward" in telecommunications and village development in Africa, which is now bootstrapping the continent forward into the 22nd Century. [more]

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Roderick Eime
Sally Hammond
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Thomas E King
Tricia Welsh

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BristolSally Hammond visits "Sugar City" in England, and finds that Bristol is more than just a city-port destination. It's the ideal hub for exploration into many diverse neearby areas. Wales, Cornwall, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds are right on the doorstep.[more]
RangiroaTricia Welsh doesn't need much convincing that cruising around the palm-fringed motus or islands of Rangiroa atoll in the Tuamoto Archipelago of French Polynesia takes a lot of beating [more]
MantaRoderick Eime is mesmerised by a prehistoric sub-marine stage play, with Manta Rays as actors, in Fiji’s remote Yasawa Island group to the northeast of Nadi [more]
YukonThomas E King ventures into the wild and wide open spaces of Canada's Yukon to see remnants of the Gold Rush of 1896 and marvel at the largest ice field outside the polar region. He finds a vast expanse which combines adventure with sophistication.[more]
NKoreaPhilip Game finds that Korea's DMZ has become, by default, one of the world's most exclusive eco-system reserves. a refuge for the wild creatures of the Korean Peninsula.[more]
Slovakian spaKaren Halabiundergoes "torture treatment" in the form of neck traction therapy in a Slovakian spa, and surprisingly enough, lives to tell the tale .[more]

cook islands

Idea: Beaches - Skiing - Diving - Trekking - Surfing - Wildlife - Bars - Cars - Stars !
Let the Global Travel Writers pool their decades of experience and compile your definitive 'best of'. [more]

australiaAustralia - The Movie. Due for release in November, this downunder epic will reignite worldwide interest in Australia. The GTW team have supplied Tourism Australia with a vast swag of material for their upcoming promotions. Get yours now. [more]
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