Sunday, 13 January 2008

No Editor Left Behind

The Global Travel Writers, a decade-old syndicate of some of Australia’s most experienced and awarded travel journalists and photographers, makes the following pledge:

Editors: All editorial requests will be fulfilled.

Thanks to our comprehensive network of writers and photographers extending way beyond the core members, we can fulfill any editorial request. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you. Guaranteed*.

PRs: Need a productive writer for that next famil?

We’ll find you the right one. Between us, we know who’s who and what’s what. Who’s been there and done that. Who can reach the markets you want.

More good news. We don’t charge for this. All we ask is that you keep coming back to us for your editorial and pictorial needs. We want your business and we’ll go the extra yards for you. Try us.

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* Reasonable rates of pay required please. We have to eat too.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Journeys - January 2008

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The award-winning Global Travel Writers team bring you their latest offerings for January 2008. [contact]

= J O U R N E Y S =
Australia : China : Cuba : Thailand

Cruising the WhitsundaysCruising the Whitsundays
Australia: Sail the Whitsunday islands off Queensland’s eastern coast on a cruise ship that once sailed the Mediterranean. Stop by to check out qualia, Australia's newest ultra-luxe resort. [KH]

BogongBogong Mountain High
Australia: Follows the windy Bogong High Plains Road across a wonderland of rolling plains dotted with weatherbeaten snow gums, gurgling streams and low, rocky summits. [PG]

Cambodia Golf To Market, to Market
Australia: The Noosa Farmers' Market, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, is one of the biggest in Australia. Vendors offer everything from fresh spanner crabs to locally-produced Arabica coffee.

TasmaniaMuch More Than Apples
Australia: When Charles Darwin arrived in Tasmania on a visit in 1836, he found ‘luxuriant vegetables and fine corn fields’. Just imagine his surprise if he were to visit just 170 years later. [SH]

hainan Hawaii of the Orient
China: Ever wondered where the Chinese go when they want to holiday at home? White sandy beaches, warm languid waters and tall swaying coconut trees. And yes it really can be found in China. [SR]

cubaDon’t worry, be happy in Havana
Cuba: The best cigars, top-shelf rum and rhythmic salsa music is located in the middle of the Caribbean. For the past 50 years it’s been no-go and one of the most difficult countries to visit.

thailandSpinning a Royal Yarn
Thailand: Deep in the Isaan jungles is the tiny village of Ban Tha Sawang. It’s one of several villages specialising in the ancient and royal art of silk weaving, and holds special favour with the royal court


New Europe

Summer in Siam

Award-winning travel writer, John Borthwick's latest book.

"I walked out the door, a bit dazed. I had ten dollars and two not-quite diamonds, and it was summer in Siam." John Borthwick's first day in Thailand seemed far from auspicious — but it has been uphill from then on. Dropping him in the middle of everything from three-day tribal weddings, elephant polo follies and pristine islands to Pattaya's bacchanalian nightlife, Thailand has kept John and his pen constantly on the move.

One of Australia's leading travel authors, John Borthwick has gathered here the best of his years of Thailand adventures, plus a swag of vivid tales from his wanderings in India, Xinjiang, the Himalayas, Borneo, Bali, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Bangkok Books
Bangkok 2006
232 pages
ISBN 974-85129-2-4

The GTW Team

Glenn A Baker
Graham Simmons
John Borthwick
Karen Halabi
Philip Game
Roderick Eime
Sally Hammond
Sheriden Rhodes
Thomas E King
Tricia Welsh

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Friday, 4 January 2008


Bob Fisher, of, has some very pithy comments to make on the role of travel writers. "As travel journalists", he says, "we are the interpreters and story-tellers of what we are told, and we have to take these stories out to the world. People now are more sophisticated than ever before, and they want to know the full story".

"The public has to understand that we are working on their behalf, getting an objective look at a place. And we have to convince editors that people want to know these stories."

"Here are the basic concepts ... buzz words ... we have built into TR and are trying to continue to build into Travelosophy ... and on which Travelosophy is based:

global village
interconnectedness of all things
real journalism (whatever that is)
public education
grassroots to the world
industry friendly
fully collaborative ( we do not own the industry ... nor the issues ... nor "the message")
consumer advocacy and consumer awareness
socially responsible
non ethnocentric
ethical travel and travel journalism
sharing the pie ... the pie is huge ... there are many pies
non-competitive (Lift that bale, tote that barge, get that media trip before the next guy)
cultural anthropology
travel as politics
travel as global economics
travel as the medium for exploring any travel-related issue (just about anything you can think of)
let the little fish have their say too ... possible via electronic journalism
media literacy
supporting globalization but only where we believe it is in the best interests of everyone (an endless debate and challenge of course ... but you have to start somewhere)

and ... I could go on and on ... "

To Bob Fisher, Global Travel Writers say "Hear, hear!" May Travelosophy grow and prosper!