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Journeys - October 2008

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The award-winning Global Travel Writers team bring you their latest offerings for October 2008
Coming Up: Graham in Japan, Rod in New Zealand (South Island), Tom in French India

Think outside the square. GTWers have decades of experience covering such diverse subjects as music, culture, cuisine, lifestyle, technology, aviation, sport and tourism business. [see themes]
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Zurich : Australia's Kimberley : Malta
Himalayan Golf : Chilli : Rome
noosaSheriden Rhodes discovers an avant garde surprise in an historic Zurich hotel. Below the open window, couples stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets. It’s a national holiday and life on the streets of Zurich, synonymous with international banking, moves at a decidedly slower pace. [more]

Everyone's talking about Baz Luhrmann's forthcoming movie and the new tourism campaign. GTWers have a vast wealth of material to match our country's own natural resources. Join the 'boom'. [more]

The GTW Team:

Glenn A Baker
Graham Simmons
John Borthwick
Karen Halabi
Philip Game
Roderick Eime
Sally Hammond
Sheriden Rhodes
Thomas E King
Tricia Welsh

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scubaRoderick Eime comes face-to-face with an ancient warrior born before the last ice age. Australia's Kimberley holds many secrets and the story of the Gwion Gwion people is one of its greatest mysteries. Cruise the rocky northwest in search of these prehistoric folk. [more]
skullsPhilip Game says waiting for a bus is rarely fun. In Malta, at least, there’s the novelty of wondering just what much-loved relic will come lumbering down the road next. We find a treasure trove of veteran saloon cars maintained by enthusiast, Harry Caruana. [more]
BallaratThomas King visits the mighty Himalayan Mountains spanning some 2560km from northern Pakistan to China. Eight of its colossal peaks are often visible from Pokhara, Nepal’s largest second largest city. And there's always time for a round of golf. [more]
Graham Simmons says only a masochist must like eating hot chillies. But if every masochist needs a sadist, then chilli growers of north-eastern India must be among the most sadistic people on earth. Is the Naga Jolokia, grown in Assam and Meghalaya, the world’s hottest chilli? [more]
Sally Hammond boarded her plane for Rome and realized she was really nervous. In the weeks leading up to this trip, she’d opened every Italian guidebook to the 'Safety and Security' section, to see if her unease was justified.. [more]
AustraliaAustralia - The Movie. Due for release in November, this downunder epic will reignite worldwide interest in Australia. The GTW team have supplied Tourism Australia with a vast swag of material for their upcoming promotions. Get yours now. [more]
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